My story

…is just a story of a mom of two wonderful children, an over fourty years young expat woman who discovered some years ago to have an allergy to gluten… You never know what life will bring you. In the beginning, I was so upset because I was living in a place full of wonderful things to eat – Italy. And I thought I won’t be able to taste these anymore. But the time made me discover that nothing it’s impossible. So I’ve started to bake my favorite recipes and now, after years, I thought I could do the same for other people dealing with intollerances or allergy like mine. So, this is how I decided I should become a gluten free pastry chef! And I did it! The funny thing is that most of my new clients are just people without any kind of allergy, but they chose me because I am using only quality and fresh products, biological (where possible), no artificial flavors in my recipes, I am using Italian and Romanian recipes and … I am baking with love! I am also personalizing the cakes using either sugar paste for cake design or just chocolate and fruits and/or flowers (naked cakes)! So, if you have an allergy or just want a homemade delicious and beautiful cake for your birthday or any other event of your life… or you are searching for a perfect gift for somebody you love (allergic or not)… just send me a request and I will try to find the perfect solution for you! Tell me how your dream cake looks like and I will do my best to make it come true!

Warm regards,