Hello, and welcome to Dandanà Gluten Free Cake Company! I am a free lance pastry chef passionate for making beautiful and customized cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. All of mine desserts are home made from scratch with the best and healthy ingredients and I love turning your visions into a reality. I create treats for all sorts of occasions, including weddings, birthdays, showers, corporate events, and more. Take a look around my site and learn all about my delicious cakes! Take a look at my creations and see if any of them intrest you, or simple contact me with your own ideas for a free quote! Everything I do is hand made from scratch! The prices for custom-made cakes are based on several factors:– size & number of people / portions– type of decoration: a distinction is made between 2D (flat) and 3D (sculpted figures) decoration– amount of decoration– application of edible gold and / or silver– flavours / type of cakePrices range from € 4 to € 6 per portion.

Size of your cake: min.8 pax

Difference between 2D and 3D decoration

2D decoration: flat figures on the cake 

3D decoration: molded figures on the cake